Fighting for Marriage with Taya Kyle LMP 22

Interview with Dr. John Townsend LMP 21

Does it seem strange to you that it is healthy to have boundaries in marriage?  This comes as a surprise to many.  Why woudl I want to have boundaries?  Shouldn't we share everything?  Couples without boundaries run the risk of becoming enmeshed, chaotic, and not knowing who is responsible for what.

I could not be more excited to share this interview with you.  I have been a huge fan of Dr. John Townsend for a long time.  Often times, the issues I see in the counsleing office come down to boundaries or a lack of.  I have recommended his books to more people than I can count. I have seen so many, including me, go on to find freedom and increased connectedness in relationships from learning how to have healthy boundaries.

If you were not able to attend the Military Spouse Wellness Summit put on by and sponsored by Armed Forces Insurance, never fear.  I am pleased to offer you 5 of the most outstanding interviews form the Summit, uncut, and including additional questions just for the Lifegiver audience.  

As I take a brief sabbatical, I hope you will enjoy these interviews with fantastic guests like Taya Kyle, Dr. Leslie Parrott and more.  Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and join me with Dr. John Townsend.

The Power of a Blessing (LMP 20)

The power of our words is absolutely necessary to us understanding our influence in the relationships around us.  In my year of becoming more intentional in my marriage, I have been thinking more about what it means to pay attention to the words that I speak over my marriage and family.  For some of you, the idea of a "Blessing" sounds like something from an old country church or maybe something that doesn't happen anymore.  What I want to tell you in today's podcast is that our words have an incredible impact in what the people around us think of us, of themselves, and their identity.  Today's episode is all about the month of November inviting us to be more grateful, especially as we are entering a season of family and often the tension it brings.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, or maybe go for a run and let's talk more about the power of the words we use and the words said to us.

My Life as a Military Kid

If you have kids, this is an interview you don't want to miss.  In fact, gather your children and listen together!  This is an interview with my two sons, Aidan and Jackson.  Aidan is 12 and in his second year of middle school and Jackson is 9 and in 4th grade.  This honest interview asks important questions about their experience as military kids, both the good and bad.

Sacred Spaces 05: New Vision and Questions Answered LMP 18

In this episode I share the new vision of Lifegiver, and it probably won't be surprising to most of you.  I talk about some upcoming events you will want to be part of.

Sacred Spaces 04, Updates and Exciting News! LMS 17

Today's episode is unpolished and raw- well maybe not emotionally- but definitely unpolished.  I want to give updates on how life has been since coming out with the book as well as how living intentionally has changed me as a person and my relationship.  I will talk through how you can join the campaign and create lasting changing in your own marriage as well as exciting updates on interviews coming soon!

Sacred Spaces 03: Amanda Marr LMS 16

We are in the middle of our Sacred Spaces Series on teh Lifegiver Podcast and today's interview is a special one.  Those of you who have read Sacred Spaces will remember Amanda Marr as the Gold Star Widow I have the honor of serving back in 2009.  One of my most Sacred Spaces from that deployment, Amanda joins me on the podcast to have an honest discussion on what it was like to recieve notification of her soldier's death, how she took care of herself, and her process to where she is now.  This is an inpsiring podcast for any listener.  Amanda shares her honest thoughts on what makes a Care Team successful as well as tips she has learned about marriage now that she is remarried to an Army soldier.  You will be empowered, encouraged, and gain new perspecitve on your own marriage.

Sacred Spaces Series: A Roundtable with 3-61

This is the 2nd of the Sacred Spaces Series and is a special episode!  Over a year ago, before Sacred Spaces was even a book, I sat down with the spouses of 3-61 CAV for a roundtable discussion on our experience together.  I have held on to this interview since them waiting for the right time to share it.  With the launch of Sacred Spaces today, it seemed perfect to share it now.

When Your Service Member Comes Home Different LMS 14

With the launch of Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage coming out August 1, I wanted to do a series based on the book.  Over the course of this series we will be talking about what to do when your service member comes home different as well as key interviews with people who shared sacred spaces in my own story from the book.  Join me in this episode where we talk about what to do when your service member comes home different.

Understanding the Fight Against ISIS

If we were honest, many of us would admit that we do not fully understand the current efforts against ISIS.  Sure, I think we know the basics- many of which include how our own homes feel a little more vulnerable to the threat of terrorism more than 10 years ago.  There is much debate on US involvement against ISIS, whether we should lead out in taking them down or even be involved at all.

During my trip with the SECDEF, one of my favorite moments was watching the media have time with COL Steve Warren in Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq. COL Warren is the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) in Iraq.  What that means is that he is THE person that is responsible for helping all of us, including all American citizens understand what our US military is doing as ISIS continues to threaten the middle east.  He is often seen on major networks (CNN, FOX News, NBC, etc) giving updates on the US-led coalition.

Now I am willing to play the ignorant card and say there was so much I wasn’t paying attention to, including where some of our troops are in Iraq, what exactly their mission is, and what ISIS has been trying to do.  I think I am not the only one.  Most likely, you are more like me unless you are heavily involved with foreign policy.  It was a huge wake-up call for me as I listened to COL Warren in Baghdad on how little I understood about how our news is made and how much I needed to do to educate myself.

In this awesome interview, COL Warren gives some of his time to explain ISIS, Operation Inherent Resolve, and how we can support our troops over there. He has a great way of explaining the complex dynamics of this fight in a way that anyone can understand. Stay tuned to the end where you will hear his person “Shout Out” to all of you and how you can have powerful influence into your service member’s heart.